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EVENTS - 2009
Events for the month of December 2009
On 23rd Dec 2009 Suppose Christmas Celebration at PMSSS Conference Hall with cultural programs.
On 19th Dec 2009 Christmas Celebration at Kolping Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Periyakalapet with cultural programs.
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On 19th Dec 2009 Sago Dharma Sabha conducted its General Body Meeting.
On 12th Dec 2009 General Body Meeting was conducted for FLSH.
On 11th Dec 2009 inauguration of e-Legal Aid Service program by PMSSS in association with BSNL-Puducherry, CRS-Chennai and UTP Legal Services Authority- Puducherry. Shri K. Uthirapathi, District Judge and Member Secretary of UTP Legal Services Authority, Puducherry launched the program in the presence of Mr. R. Marshal Leo Anthony, GM, BSNL-Puducherry, Mr. J. Mahendra Kumar, GM, EB, BSNL Chennai, Mr. Robert J Ravi, DGM, Enterprise Business (EB), BSNL-Chennai, Mr. David Solomon, State Representative, CRS, Chennai, Mr.Anibal Nehru, President – Puducherry Municipal Councilors Federation, Mrs. S. Krishnan, Administrative Officer, Women’s Commission, Puducherry, Mrs. K. Geetha, Point Person, Suraksha Program, TASOSS, Trichy.
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On 4th Dec 2009 General Medical Camp was conducted for PMSSS staff and Blood Donors association was formed.
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Events for the month of November 2009

On 30th Nov 2009 Microsoft Certificate distributed to the MSUP course completed students from VICs and VRCs by Mr. Karthikeyan, Incharge, Security and Plant Administration, Lenovo India Pvt Ltd., Puducherry.
On 20th Nov 2009 Children's day Celebration cum Feast Day celebration for Fr. V. Albert Thambidurai, Executive Director, PMSSS at Kolping School Campus.
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On 11th Nov 2009 Spiritual and Development Orientation Program was conducted for PMSSS staff at PMSSS Conference Hall.
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On 4th - 6th Nov 2009 a team of staff members attended NASSCOM Knowledge Network (NKN) partners meet at NASSCOM Foundation, Delhi. Partners from various states participated and share their activities.
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Events for the month of October 2009


On 15th Oct 2009 Sports day celebration at Kolping Matriculation Higher Secondary School. Mr. Srikanth, Senior Superintendent of Police, Puducherry distributed the prizes to the Children. Students performed their cultural activities.
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On 25th Oct 2009 Kolping Day was celebrated at Memalur Parish by the Kolping Families. It was presided over by Rev.Fr. Albert Thambidurai & Fr. Jerald the Parish Priest. Around 100 Kolping family members participated in this program.

On 18th Oct 2009, 9-1s Mine Campaign conducted near Pondicherry Beach and New Bus stand, Puducherry in association with wada na todo abhiyan

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Events for the month of September 2009
On 5th Sep 2009 A five days exhibition was organised by Bharath Nirman Public Information Campaign in Chidambaram to know about the Schemes of Government. PMSSS setup stalls in that exhibition.
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On 25th to 30th Sep 33 FLS members went to an excursion to GOA.
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Events for the month of August 2009

On 4th & 5th Aug 2009 Suraksha program coordinators attended review cum consolidation meeting held at TASSOSS, Trichy.


On 7th Aug 2009 A program was organised to give farewell celebration to Fr.R.Ratchagar, Executive Director and also inviting the new Executive Director Fr. V. Albert Thambidurai.

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On 10th Aug 2009 Gender training was given to SOA and Suraksha staff at PMSSS Conference hall.


On 31st Aug 2009 PMSSS General Body meeting was organised at PMSSS Conference Hall. Annual Report was read out by Mr. Rock Pushparaj, General Manager. Members suggestions are noted.

Events for the month of July 2009

On 10th July 2009 NASSCOM Foundation, Mumbai in Association with PMSSS organised an event on Software and Technology Product Donation to NGOs. More than 28 NGOs participated and applied for BigTech Program. Mr. Marshal Antony Leo, GM, BSNL, Mr. Robert J Ravi, DGM, BSNL and Ms. Manasi Sangekar, NASSCOM Foundation took part in this program.

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On 18th July 2009 BSNL and Rainbow TV organized a program 18th July 2009 to honor the teachers for their valuable services and the students of e-Learning program who scored more than 70% in the public exam.

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On 31st July 2009 Governing body meeting held at PMSSS conference Hall. The Governing body members, PMSSS directors discussed about the annual plan.

Events for the month of June 2009

On 6th June 2009 Youth Career guidance programme was at Karaikal. 55 youth (both male & female) from Keezhakasakudimedu, Kottucherry and Patinacherry participated in the programme.


On 6th June, RSO meeting was conducted at Cuddalore. TASOSS Zonal Co-ordinator Miss. Nirmala participated and gave training to the members.


On 11th June 2009, and EDP training was conducted for the 40 members of SHGs at Cuddalore OT. Mrs. Prem Latha, Secretary, People’s Life care, Panruti was the resource person. At the end of the training it was found that the SHG’s members are confident of undertaking the EDP activities.


On June , Certificates were issued to the Summer Computer Course completed students in Village Resource Centers and Village Knowledge Centers.


On June , In Fraternal Life Sabha Rs. 10,10,000 was given as revolving fund for Income Generation Activities to 7 SVS. 130 members benefited.

On 13th June, Mrs. Chitra , Senior Manager, Semans Company with 60 staff spent half a day with inmates and conducted sports, cultural programme. They also distributed prizes and provided lunch.

On 16the June, Orientation was given to Parangipet Union women & Agri federation members on NT IV phase New vision, Peoples Bank and Income Generation programme. 80 members participated

Events for the month of May 2009

On 14th May, training was conducted for the district level Children parliament leaders of Pondicherry and Karaikal region. The roles of children in village development plan is the major focus of the training. 52 children leaders and staff participated.


On 15th &16th May 2009, Health and Hygiene programmes were conducted in Pattinacherry and Keezhakasagudimedu. 130 beneficiaries were imparted knowledge on health and hygienic practices.


On 15th to 21st May 2009, summer camp was organized in St. Mary’s Higher Secondary School, Karaikal for the children of Pattinacherry and Keezhakasagudimedu villages. In this camp Karate, Yoga, moral stories, dance, drama, mono acting, mimicry, fancy dress, folk dance and sports activities are planned to teach to the children. 120 school children’s were participated.


On 29th May 09, Inmates were taken to picnic to silver beach and Pichavaram. Mr. Chinnappan Sathipet and Mr. Nadanam Cuddalore were the sponsors for the event.

On 30th May, Training on federation concept was organized at Villupuram, 75 Kolping members participated.
Events for the month of April 2009
On 6th & 7th April, Mr. John Packiaraj, PSO and Mr. Saurav, Deputy State Representative, CRS visited Cuddalore O.T and Enikaranthottam villages.

On 22nd April, Medical Camp conducted at Thavalakuppam Village Resource Centre Villages by PIMS, Puducherry sponsored by Vanakkam Foundation, Germany. More than 200 patients benefited.


On 22nd April, Training on Solid Waste Management was conducted in Pattinacherry by Mr. Solomon, ReCAP Coordinator. 65 beneficiaries participated.


On 18th to 25th April 2009, 2 ABL teachers underwent residential training at Isaiambalam School, Auroville, Pondicherry. They have learnt teaching methods of science, social science and English subjects.

Events for the month of March 2009
On 17th & 19th & 31st Mar, Medical Camp conducted at Periyapattu Erumboor and OOmangalam Village Resource Centre Villages by PIMS, Puducherry sponsored by Vanakkam Foundation, Germany. More than 1550 patients benefited. More than 300 patients refered to Hospital.
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Women's Day celebrated at Pondicherry, Cuddalore and Karaikal district and sports also conducted.


On 28th March 2009, consultation meeting was organized for the purpose of preparation of People’s Manifesto. More than 15 NGO’s and CBO’s and Social activists’ representatives attended the meetings. At the end of this consultation an action plan was drawn to present the people’s Manifesto.


On 30th March 2009, Collaborative meeting with PRI at District level was conducted in Cuddalore District which was jointly organized by PMSSS and POETS at Town Hall, Cuddalore. Fr. R. Ratchagar, Executive Director, PMSSS presided over the meeting. Dr. R. Murugaiyan, Professor, Community College, Puducherry, Mr. Arumugam, Project Director, Welthungerhilfe/German Argoaction were present. More than 1500 women from community, task force members and other NGO’s participated. At this function a people’s Manifesto was drafted and presented to different political parties.

Events for the month of February 2009
On 11th & 12th Feb , Taskforce and PRI members from Recap Project villages were taken for an exposure to Kodiakarai, a model village for coastal reforestration.
On 16th Feb , 60 students from Rural areas received certificates on completion of Microsoft Unlimited Potential Program. Mr. Angalan, Government Whip, Puducherry distributed the certificates to the Puducherry students and Thiru. Rajendira Ratnoo, District Collector, Cuddalore distributed the certificates to the Cuddalore students.
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On 17th - 19th Feb , Training on Community Mobilization conducted for Suraksha Staff by Ms. Geetha, TASSOS.
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On 21st Feb , Inauguration of PMSSS Training Centre & Kolping School Building at Periyakalapet. Blessed by Most. Rev. Dr. S. Michael Augustine, Archbishop Emeritus and inaugurated by Thiru V. Vaithilingam, Hon'ble Chief Minister, Puducherry, Thiru. M.O.H.F. Shajahan, Hon'ble Minister for PWD & Education and Thiru M. Kandasamy, Hon'ble Minister for Welfare & Cooperation in the presence of Mr. Manfred Aichinger, Cartias Austria & Rev. Fr. Victor Santiago, National Director, Kolping.
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On 22nd Feb , A team of members from KSSS visited PMSSS project village and discussed about CVG activities.
Events for the month of January 2009
On 6th Jan , Staff orientation was conducted for the newly appointed staff.
On 17th Jan , The Most Rev. Dr. Antony Anandarayar, Archbishop of Pondicherry & Cuddalore blessed the newly constructed block in Ousteri for the Mentally Ill and it was inaugurated by Thiru V. Vaithilingam, Hon'ble Chief Minister of Puducherry.
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