Credit Union otherwise known as “Sagothara Vazhvu Sangam” is almost as old as PMSSS. Rev.Fr.A.S.Antonisamy, who was an assistant parish priest in Eraiyur in the year 1975, did a survey of the loans the Parishners took from money lenders and the amount of interest they paid annually. To his great shock he found that a major portion of the earnings of the villagers was siphoned off by the exorbitant rate of interest on their borrowings. Once he found himself at the helm of PMSSS as Director, the first thing he did was to introduce credit unions i.e. Sagothara Vazhvu Sangams in all the nooks and corners of the Archdiocese. People form groups and start the habit of saving every month. After a year or so, the money accrued by savings is distributed to a couple of persons who are most in need. The group decides the persons to whom loans are to be granted.