The Marketing Program of PMSSS was started in the year 1988 aiming at controlling the distress sale of the agricultural products by the small and marginal farmers. At harvest time the supply is greater than the demand for agricultural produces. Immediately after the harvest the farmers usually start raising the next crop right after the harvest for which they naturally need money. This forces them to sell away the agricultural commodities to the middlemen at a very cheap rate. It is at this point of time that PMSSS intervenes in the life of the farmers. PMSSS gives them loans depending on the products they possess and facilitates them to raise the next crop. (PHOTO : grains are preserved in a village)

Thus their harvested products are stocked for a couple of months and sold when the price goes high. Thus, the farmers stand to gain and reap the reward of their labour.

Through the implementation of Marketing Program by PMSSS, the farmers are trained to sit and plan and take a common decision for the betterment of their future. This has also paved the path to form credit unions where they can develop leadership qualities, brotherhood and equality. Credit unions formed by the farmers help them with loans from their own savings at a reasonable rate of interest. These credit unions in many villages take the responsibility of selling the commodities in the wholesale markets and thus avoid unnecessary transport expenses of individual members.