Kolping Matriculation Higher Secondary School  
Kolping Matriculation School is situated in Kalapet, till recently a sleepy town at the outskirts, 15 kms away from Pondicherry. This town is at a distance of 150 kms from Pondicherry in the Union Territory of Pondicherry. With the advent of the Pondicherry Central University, Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), Auroville etc. and with the opening of the East Coast Road (ECR) which passes through Kalapet, the area is now bristling with activity. Scores of other institutions like resorts and Commercial units have also cropped up. All this development and growth has resulted in an enormous increase in population in the area in terms of families. The local population has also grown over the years. In this atmosphere of all-round growth there is one important sector which has not received the attention it deserves. There are not enough standard educational institutions in and around the area to impart quality education to the children. The result is young children have to commute to distant places like Pondicherry town to pursue Primary to Higher Studies. This has become a main cause of anxiety and avoidable expenses to the parents. The Kolping India, Pondicherry under the Directorship of Rev.Fr.R.Ratchagar has decided to step into this concern to alleviate the sufferings of the parents and children in this respect.
Aims & Objectives:
The purpose of opening this premier co-educational institution in Kalapet is to cater to the educational needs of urban, suburban, and rural children of Kalapet and its surrounding areas where the existing facilities are woefully inadequate. It is also our aim to impart quality education to our students at affordable costs without any profit motive which will be within the reach of all classes of people especially the middle class. It is our final objective that we should provide complete, continuous, and competent education to our target population from pre-school to higher secondary and obviate the irksome necessity for parents to run from pillar to post seeking admission for their wards in distant places at considerable expense and efforts. This problem is all the more acute with regards to girls who are reluctant as a rule to commute to long distances in a small town like Kalapet.. The school is expected to reach heights of academic excellence in the near future. The medium of instruction shall be English and the School shall follow Matriculation Syllabus.
Faculty :
Rev. Fr.R.Ratchagar, the Director, Kolping India, Pondicherry has meticulously assembled an excellent team of Faculty Members and Administrators to assist him running the School competently and give the Institution an impetus right from the start. The staff are all well qualified to handle the subject allotted and have the right aptitude and dedication to do the job. The parents can remain completely satisfied that their wards are under the charge of trusted hands who will spare no effort to impart not only formal education to them but make them successful citizens of to-morrow’s India.
Location and Information :
The School is located in a sprawling campus over an area of more than 12 acres set amidst a lush green garden and coconut trees which lend a conducive and congenial atmosphere for learning. The School boasts of Pucca Buildings to house airy class rooms, laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computers, a separate administrative block with abundant scope for future expansion. As already stated, being situated right on the western side of the E.C.R. Road, it is therefore extremely well connected by road and transport from all directions.
Why the school is named KOLPING Matriculation School ?
We have 85 Kolping families in the Archdiocese of Pondicherry and Cuddalore. All these families are fostering family spirit among themselves. According to the ideals of Blessed Kolping, they strive to be good Christian, good family man, good worker and good citizen. Kolping International has come forward to donate Rs.18,000 lakhs (30,000 Euros) to our Diocesesan Kolping organization to establish a computer centre where children could have an access to computer learning. At the same time as explained above there was a felt need for a school in Kalapet. We decided to shoot two birds in one shot. Therefore, relying on the intercession of Blessed Kolping, we launched a major school project wherein the Computer centre also will find a place. KOLPING was a word rather unheard of in this part of the country . One year back people around the school even began to ask what is KOLPING ? But now, KOLPING has become a household name. We started the School in June 2004. There are 615 children studying from Lower Kinder garden up to Std 9. We have duly obtained the recognition of the Pondicherry Government to run the School. We started Std 9 in June 2005. The 10th Std boys will be presented to the Government Examination under the auspices of Kolping Matriculation School next year. The school was officially declared open by Mr. Martin Reuber, International Coordinator, Asia in the presence of Rev. Fr. Victor Santiago, National Director with the blessings of the Most. Rev. Antony Anandarayar, Arch Bishop of Pondicherry & Cuddalore.



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