Kolping Program was started in the Archdiocese in the year 1984. The basic principles of Kolping movement are: to be a good Christian, to be a good family member, to be a good worker and to be a good citizen. There are 61 Kolping groups functioning in the Archdiocese. The total number of members are 1096 of whom 430 are male and 666 are female. Basically this is a spiritual movement. Still for the sake of sustainability of the movement the members are motivated to cultivate the habit of saving.

Housing Scheme

As on date, 177 houses have been constructed for Kolping Group members in the Archdiocese. The beneficiaries have to contribute Rs.4000/- as their share and give free labour. A sum of Rs.10.000/- will be given by Kolping India as a grant to the beneficiary.

Milch Animals

To enhance the socio-economic status of Rural Kolping women, Kolping International provides assistance for milch animas. Women members who are mostly from poor agricultural background are confident that rearing of milch animal's will fetch them good income. On survey, it is revealed that on an average a milch animal fetches a minimum of Rs.1500/- per year to a family. Groups of members form a village milk cooperative society which serves as outlets for the milk collected in a particular village. Though the income is minimal, it is regular and helps them to satisfy their basic needs


Based on the savings of Kolping Group, revolving assistance is extended to Kolping members to undertake various small income generation activities to enhance their income To promote new income generating activities, skill and vocational trainings are given to the members periodically to identify suitable and financially viable activities like

Activities of the Kolping groups

Reclamation of land and repairing roads in bad shape, laying new roads, digging lakes, cleaning ponds, planting trees, keeping churches and schools clean, helping victims of drought, flood and fire, blood donation , participation in panchayat raj, etc are some of the community activities in which Kolping groups involve themselves.

Kolping school (Childrens day celebration) on 14.11.2018

Children’s Day - a day dedicated to children - is observed as an event across the world to celebrate childhood and promote awareness about children's welfare ". As a part of PMSSS, Kolping Matriculation Higher. Secondary School, Periyakalapet celebrated CHILDREN'S DAY on 14.11.2018. The celebration begins with a prayer service. Rev. Fr.C. Joseph Arumaiselvam correspondent and Executive Director PMSSS addressed the children and encouraged them to dream big and work hard.On the same time Mrs .Bridget Selvaraj Admin cum Finance manager PMSSS motivated the students with stories and explained their roles and duties towards their life .Later Fr. Alwin Anbarasu ( Principal ) Kolping Matriculation higher. Secondary School felicitated the chief guest. Soon after that various activities, events and prize distribution were conducted by teacher’s .And the day was ended with happily.

Kolping India ( Fostering Family Values to Prevent Viloence against Women )on 09.10.18

Kolping India PMSSS organized a two days training on the topic of “Training on Fostering Family Values to prevent Violence against Women” on 9.10.2018 and 10.10.2018 at periya kalapet (Pondicherry) for Zonal level Coordinators and monitor team.Rev.Fr.C.Joseph Arumaiselvam (Director) PMSSS welcomed the Gathering and Honour the Chief Guest Mr.Ponnan, Mr.Maria Anna Dayavady. Mrs Bridgit Selvaraj (Admin cum Finance Manager) and Mr.Antony Ammalanathan( Kolping India Coordinator)were also presented in this program .Around 40 members from various Zonal Level were participated in this training programme.

Kolping India ( Martin de porres Patrons day ) celebration

Kolping India PMSSS Celebrated “Martin de Porres Patons Day and BL.Adolph Kolping Beatification Day” on 03.11.2018 at PMSSS Conference hall. Rev.Fr.C.Joseph Arumaiselvam (Director) PMSSS welcomed the gathering and honoured the Guest of Honour Mr.Bala Gangatharan. Mr.Bala Gangatharan discussed on the topics of “Our Responsibility to Our Mother Earth”. After a short discussion Holy Mass was held in same place. Then Kolping Leaders facilitates Rev.Fr.C.Joseph Arumaiselvam, Mrs.Bridgit Selvaraj (Admin cum Finance manager). Around 215 Kolping Leaders were participated in this programme. And the day was ended with lunch.