PMSSS lays great hope in People’s Organization as a viable media for people’s development. People’s organization ensures community participation and steadily empowers the target community towards their total integral development.

The new kinds of reaction by the poor to the crisis in their lives is beginning to show that the poor can be efficient under varying socio-economic and political circumstances through their own participating organizations.They save, invest, create assets and can achieve a high level of human development even at low level of growth.

They begin to assert their rights to the resources to which they are entitled. Hence, the poor participate as subjects and not objects of development. Based on this principle PMSSS started the program ‘Land for the Landless’. A man’s status symbol in a village is possession of some landed property. The programme started in 1990, evolved into a registered people’s organization under the name ‘Small Farms Development Society’ (SFDS) in 1994. Within a period of 13 years 333 farmers have been made owners of 233.05 acres of land thanks to the efforts of PMSSS and SFDS.