NEW THRUST PROGRAM In the context of bridging the gap generated by gender inequality, increasing attention is being paid today to women empowerment by all the non governmental organizations. Hence, from April 1999 onwards, the Tamil Nadu Social Service Society (TASOSS) - the regional forum of all the Diocesan Social Service Societies in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry has undertaken its own women empowerment programme by bringing together women into groups at village levels and federating them at the Panchayat Union, Taluk, District and State levels to make them realize their strength when united and make them understand that they have a say at every level in all matters pertaining to decision making, implementation and evaluation.


  • Awareness among women
  • Gives training and Skills development
  • Technical support
  • Arranges loans.
  • There are 202 women groups having strength of 3468 members and 104 agricultural groups having strength of 1363 members.
  • During this year 42 groups have been received loan to the tune of 88,55,000.
  • The CBO members from 6 Unions invested `10,68,800 as a share capital in Community Banking.
  • 4805 persons have been additionally taken up the Jana Shree Bhima Yojana Insurance during this year.
  • 2,55,000 have been issued as death assistance.
  • 430 members are involved in small trades and enterprise like Petty shops, Beauty Parlours, garment wholesale, production and sales, repairs and renewal work,fruit shops, and other Income generation activities.