In the year 1990, PMSSS undertook a community development project namely ‘Poorest of the Poor’ program sponsored by Caritas Germany with four components viz., Land for the Landless, Home for the Homeless, Health For All and Social Assistance. The social assistance program, otherwise called old age pension, was registered in 1994 as a people’s organization with a new nomenclature ‘Sago Dharma Sabha’

Aims and Objectives

  • To assist the disadvantaged section of people on a permanent basis through cash transfer program.
  • To motivate and train communities to take the responsibility of assisting the aged, sick, handicapped, destitute etc.
  • To encourage participation of individuals, communities and institutions in the care of the poor, aged and sick.


SDS started helping 183 aged and sick people every month in 1990 and reached 550 people with Rs.75/- as monthly pension. Today SDS has under its umbrage 400 old, sick and handicapped people who are given Rs.100/- per month.


SDS extends its invitation to the reader to become a member of SDS and lend a helping hand in the process of helping the aged.

  • Ordinary Members Rs. 10 P.M
  • Extra Ordinary Member Rs.100/- p.m
  • Life member Rs.5000/-(one time)
  • Patron member Rs.10,000/- (one time)
  • As of now, the membership level stands at
    • Ordinary members 100
    • Life Members 113
    • Patron member 30

Tax Exemption

Sago Dharma Sabha had tax exempted under 12A and 80G. Donors who contribute to SDS will have tax exemption under Govt. of India Tax Exemption Act.