PMSSS has been appointed as Block Disability Facilitating Agency (BDFA) for Vazhndhu Kattuvom program with the support of Govt. of Tamil Nadu for the development of differently abled persons and vulnerable people living below the poverty line from 2008 onwards. The program identify and collects data of differently abled persons through need assessment camps, and forms Disabled SHGS and link them with banks for savings and loan. The programme has identified 4677 differently persons and facilitated to receive ID cards, schemes and other govt assistance.

  • 233 groups in Nallur and Chinnasalem block have raised 1,39,80,000 has loan from bank.
  • 4415 disabled person received identity cards
  • 784 disabled person received aids and appliances
  • 353 SHGs formed
  • 1166 persons received old aged pension
  • 536 persons received disabled assistance
  • 200 persons received Maintenance charges.
  • 256 persons have taken up Insurance.